I have so many things on my mind I don't know where to start! As of thursday E and I are now taking a break for a few months...this break is most likely our break up.  Yes I'm upset and I miss him like crazy; he is the one I tell everything to and I still I love him but we are just different people, he is not who I want to marry so whats the point in staying together. Our families are so differen; he is the oldest, I am the youngest, I have so much more freedom than he does, yeh I love my family but I won't let them tell me what to do. He can't look after me when I'm sick and he can't read me like when I'm joking or not. After a year and a half I Still don't like his friends, especially his best mate who is a Dick....That has to say something about our relationship! It hurts but I think its the right thing to do.

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  1. WeeMimi

    Follow your intuition. If hes not marriage material – there really is not point.

    Dont settle for second best hun, follow your heart AND your head, not just your heart – wisdom is key.

    Goodluck, I hop you can still be friends with E, it would be a nice relationship to still have – but it would be hard work xx

    August 02, 2008