Too long

Well its almost been a week, so i went to the party last sunday night. It was alright I saw some friends but mostly sat there feelng sorry for myself. AFL was a good distraction apart from E's mum msging me throughout the week, not that I'm relpying- if he wants to talk to me he can I'm not fixing outr relationship through is mum, not that I'm gonna fix our relationship coz theres nothing there any more! He has to move but but hes not and hes making it hard for me. We had a fight like a couple today I hate it he can't treat me like his girlfriend anymore, then tonight he asked if I stil loved him. What is he playing at?........
            .......All this a side I've been having a few good weeks; going out and doing stuff, seing friends, shopping on the weekends, girls night yesterday and races on Wednesday...can't wait I just need a dress!                         
                                                            Off to bed now, got the breakfast shift tomorrow
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