Why can’t life be like the movies?

Why can’t life be like the movies…the giddy romance, the uber hot guy who comes in at the right time, says the right words, makes the right moves…instead I have miscommunication, displaced anger and…and him, the sweet guy who makes me laugh and who treats me well. But he can’t help me when I’m sick or low, he can’t read what I'm saying when I'm saying nothing, he doesn't stand up to me. He turns away from confrontation while I don’t, we have many differences, money, morals, family, life plan. I see things in him I don’t think I could live with for the rest of my life but is that what love is? Overlooking those things you dislike, the things that drive you crazy or is love never noticing them? 
                               Where’s my script, I want to know the ending…do I stay with him…or do I move on?

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  1. nina880224

    y cant life be like the movies? people make movies,bcoz people are not satisfied with their lives.you want to know the ending??oh,thats just the special part of life—-unpredictability

    July 27, 2008